Don't let mechanical problems set in on your boat: CNG Agence du port takes care of your marine mechanical needs in Golfe-Juan.

Our experience in maintenance, maintenance and boat refit is completed by a mechanical service. This last service allows you to benefit from a boat in excellent condition in all aspects. We have a approved mechanical department and up to date training in the latest techniques & innovations of VOLVO PENTA products.

Thanks to select partners, we have the possibility to fully take care of your boat on all mechanical points that need to be revised and/or corrected.

The mechanics of your boat are the key to sailing performance. One problem and your boat can break down! To avoid being docked for too long or risking a consequential breakdown, our licensed and specialist marine mechanics will take care of your engine system according to your needs.

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Maintenance and mechanical follow-up of your boat in the Alpes-Maritimes

Once you have bought your new or used boat, maintenance becomes the main point that you must not neglect.

To keep your boat performing at its best, nothing should be left to chance. In fact, the engine and the live parts needed for navigation require as much or more attention than the other elements of the boat. Just like on a car, the mechanics require know-how and knowledge to be done properly.

This is why we manage this part for our yachting clients in our approved mechanical department in Golfe-Juan (06).

On request, we provide quality maintenance and express follow-up as soon as your new or used boat is delivered. In this specific context, we carry out maintenance and nautical repairs with the assumption of guarantees. Periodically, we also maintain engine services, bases, IPS...

This mechanical service for yachtsmen completes our services and allows us to ensure more complex requests on all models of motor boats (yachts, semi-rigids...).

Enjoy an optimum boat for all your sea outings!

CNG Agence du Port is at your disposal to meet your needs on various interventions.

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