Dry winter storage & float maintenance

CNG Agence du port has been providing winterization and complete maintenance (dry or afloat) of all types of boats for over 40 years through 3 generations of boat enthusiasts.

Because winterizing your boat is essential to prepare it and keep it safe during the low season, it is important to find an adapted maintenance and winterizing service. At CNG Agence du Port, we have an in-house storage area for boats from 0 to 33 feet. This space allows us to offer professional boat wintering among our services.

In addition, we have been working in partnership for many years with a local partner for the wintering of units > to 33 feet which offers us the possibility to respond to a greater number of requests. Leave your boat with us in the low season: we manage all the key points of a successful nautical wintering.

We also take care of the afloat maintenance/maintenance of your boat to help you manage your unit through the seasons. Regular washes, battery checks, valve checks, electricity checks, engine warm-up... we carry out all the maintenance interventions necessary to keep your new or used boat in optimal condition.

Trust us with your boat and give yourself the pleasure of finding it ready to sail when you want it.

With our services for boaters, everything is customisable so that you can adapt each intervention to your needs. Let's define together the wintering/maintenance programme most appropriate to your profile and your boat.

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Maintenance and winterization of your boat in Golfe-Juan (06)

The wintering of a boat is not a simple resting operation for your boat, it is also an opportune moment to carry out targeted maintenance actions. In this context, CNG Agence du Port ensures the maintenance of boats in their entirety.

During our maintenance and wintering interventions carried out in Golfe-Juan, we offer you several services:

  • Floating maintenance by our services
  • Dry fleet maintenance
  • Underwater refit work
  • Engine service, subbases, IPS, HB engine...
  • Engine cleaning
  • Dock cleaning
  • Power system flushing
  • Electrical work, electronics, wood, plastic, saddlery ...
  • Interior cleaning
  • Engine draining

We take special care in maintaining your boat to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Our trained and passionate team will look after your unit during the winter season so that you can fully regain all the joys of boating once the good weather returns.

Bateau à quai hivernage maintenance à flot CNG Agence du Port

What does winterising your boat involve ?

When the boating season comes to an end, your boat needs to be safely stored away.

Winterizing is an essential operation for the maintenance of your boat. As the name suggests, it occurs during the winter season when the boat is shut down.

During these few weeks, your boat is then immobilised and must be kept in good conditions to be protected from any problems. But that's not all: dry wintering is also the ideal time to check whether your boat needs certain repairs, adjustments or to check the general good working order of the boat.

The aim of these operations is to enable you to get your boat back in optimal working order as soon as the high sailing season returns.

All boating professionals advise keeping your boat dry during winter storage. However, if you can't do this, make sure your boat is effectively protected. If you can't handle winterization personally, you can set up a float maintenance contract with a professional who will help you manage this special time

As you will have realised, wintering is a special time of year for boaters.

While you can of course decide to carry out certain operations yourself, it is always preferable to call in a professional for this crucial step. The latter will carry out all the necessary checks and allow you to optimise the life of your boat.

Bateau à quai hivernage maintenance à flot CNG Agence du Port

Good to know:

To make it easier to resell your boat, have it serviced and maintained by a professional.
A buyer will generally place more trust in a seller who has proof of maintenance.

Consult us for all your boat maintenance in Golfe Juan.

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