Fairing & hull service

Like maintenance and wintering, refit is an essential action for all boats.

The boat careening intervention corresponds to a series of periodic overhaul operations performed on the hull of a vessel. These actions aim to maximise the nautical qualities of the vessel such as speed by removing all impurities embedded in the hull or to limit corrosion in the case of a metal hull in particular.

Hulling therefore requires a certain amount of equipment as well as knowledge to be carried out successfully.

To help boaters take care of their boat, CNG Agence du Port takes care of decoration operations in the port of Golfe-Juan. As with all our services, we provide complete interventions to meet your careening and hull services needs.

We work in close collaboration with the boatyards present in the ports of Golfe-Juan and Cannes to meet your most precise needs.

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Additional services adjoining the Port of Golfe Juan

To maintain your boat and guarantee you an optimised life span of your boat, CNG Agence du Port offers you several complementary services for your boat.

We offer you in particular 3 nautical service poles:

  • Hull service
    Fairing, antifouling paint...
  • All nautical work
    Electrical, electronic, upholstery...

CNG Agence du Port therefore takes care of the complete maintenance of your boat's hull to ensure its longevity.

The hull of a boat is a key point that defines the reliability of a vessel. A well-maintained hull offers you the opportunity to enjoy perfect sea trips on your boat. That's why we work on your hull at different levels to maintain it regularly: carpeting, hull shampoo, antifouling paint, anodes... our team takes care of all your requests.

As soon as you go ashore, our team carries out the hull and live works (flaps, propellers, transmission, thrusters...) then the cleaning of the equipment with professional products to carry out the complete maintenance of your boat.

Painting and antifouling treatment of the hull

After cleaning your boat's hull, we apply a high quality antifouling paint to the hull as well as a special protective paint to the bases/IPS.

The antifouling paint and treatment stage creates a special protective layer on the hull. Composed of powerful biocides, antifouling is applied to the boats hull to prevent marine organisms from attaching themselves to the boat's hull and the elements constantly in the water. This paint therefore creates a protective layer that preserves all submerged parts of the vessel.

What is an antifouling paint used for?

Antifouling treatment prevents the attachment of aquatic organisms to the hull. In other words, antifouling paint thus prevents the colonisation of your boat's hull by an ecosystem that could damage it. Green algae, marine worms and bacteria of all kinds are all repelled by the antifouling treatment. The biocides in the paint create a repellent effect on marine life elements.

Does your boat have a Volvo Penta engine?

Confirm its maintenance and repair to CNG Agence du Port in Golfe Juan.
We intervene for boaters between Cannes and Antibes in the Alpes-Maritimes (06).

Replacement of anodes

On certain boats and in certain configurations, it is sometimes necessary to change the anodes. These elements allow by an electrochemical process to electrically attack the most active metals. This prevents corrosion on the elements immersed in water otherwise known as the living works. Like the hull, the living works of your boat must be preserved as much as possible from corrosion since they are used for navigation. To avoid too much active corrosion of these elements, it is then important to have optimal anodes on your vessel.

Anodes: what are they?

Anodes are valuable corrosion barriers for your boat. They are called sacrificial anodes because these elements have a high corrosion potential. By attacking the anodes first, corrosion affects other essential parts of your boat less.

There are two types of sacrificial anodes

  • Zinc anodes
  • Aluminium anodes

Depending on the condition observed on your boat, the anodes must therefore be replaced because without them, you risk endangering the living works of your boat. For this, our team offers you its professional services.

Ask now for free advice on replacing your anodes!

We also do all other types of hull work
on request: sandblasting, polyester rework...

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