JOKER BOAT was officially founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Aiello.

Originally, his entrepreneurial adventure began a few years earlier with the brand EuroNauticSport, specializing in small craft boats: one of the first and most innovative nautical companies in Italy at that time.
  • High quality craftmanship
The first built JOKER BOAT were small and entirely handmade. The technology at the base of these boats was limited to hypalon tubes and non-rigid folding bottom, supplemented by a wooden floor or an inflatable keel.
These boats still work today thanks to their high quality of manufacture after more than 30 years.
This principle of quality and know-how characterizes one of JOKER BOAT's main cultures.
  • The italian market
The 80s reached a sales record thanks to the Profi 250, 300, 450 and 520 models.
This success has highlighted the inflatable boats on the Italian market, offering models today more and more innovative, for each customer.
Thus, thanks to the brands Clubman and Coaster, the world has fallen in love with the brand JOKER BOAT.
  • The 80's and the 90's
The 1980s marked the beginning of Joker Boat's international expansion as a global market brand.
With a more eye-catching and international remodeling of the brand, Joker Boat stands out.
Finally, the years 80-90 mark the great success of the brand with more than 1000 boats produced each year.
  • The first Clubman
Joker Boat started making small boats for models under 6 meters called Coaster. These boats were mainly designed for fishing and family recreation.
The majestic Coaster 550 and Coaster 420 flourished until the end of the 80s, when the Clubman series appeared on the national and international markets
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