Factories & Ressources

Since 1870, CRANCHI shipyard infrastructures have strongly evolve , in number of course, but especially in technology and organisation :

Piantedo – Plant 1

The pilot factory is also the administrative and commercial HQ, as well as housing the Research Study Centre, the Purchasing Centre and the Spare Parts Centre.

Roughly 36,000 sq.m. of covered area, this factory is subject to continuous modernisation, aimed at making it ever more productive and efficient.

Boats of between 10 and 16 metres in length are produced in Piantedo.

San Giorgio di Nogaro – Plant 2

Represents the new era of industrialisation in the nautical field. It occupies a covered area of around 20,000sq.m., on an overall area of over 110,000sq.m.

This imposing plant in Friuli produces the Cranchi® models up to 10 metres long.

Seventy – Plant 4

In 2005 the Cranchi family, together with its partner Monzino, decided to establish a new, state-of-the-art plant for producing boats of over 50 feet.

The Seventy Plant 4 it occupies a covered surface area of 30,000 sq.m., on a property of over 140,000 sq.m.

Dock of Bellagio

Dealing with Cranchi boats of over 50 feet produced in Seventy Plant 4. It is here, in fact, that PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) operations and the test sail on the open sea take place.

A Centre where a pool of professionals trained by the Cantiere and able to offer the complete cycle of Cranchi services, starting right from the delivery and covering the entire lifespan of the boat.

Marine Test Centre

The "Cranchi® Marine Test Centre" is in San Giorgio di Nogaro, on a covered area of 3,000sq.m. with a wet dock and square in front. It is open all the year and we have display all the range.

Here, the water tests are carried out, along with the presentation of new models to our sales network and clientele.

Human Ressources

Today, almost 400 employees (train and highly qualified workforce)

Piantedo - Plant 1
San Giorgio - Plant 2
Colico - Plant 3
Seventy - Plant 4
Darse de Bellagio
Marine Test Centre
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