STERK boats for sale: your new brand available from CNG AGENCE DU PORT

We've got some great news for you... A brand new brand of exceptional pleasure boats is joining our CNG Agence du Port selection: the German brand STERK!

These boats are the perfect embodiment of the spirit of freedom, discovery and comfort at sea that we love to share with you.

In this article, we present the distinctive features of the STERK brand, as well as two of its flagship models, the STERK 31RC and the STERK 31WB.

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STERK brand: boats that combine speed and comfort, without compromise

STERK is a revolutionary brand in the boating industry, showcasing boats that combine speed and comfort, without compromise. Each STERK boat is the fruit of cutting-edge engineering, the result of a partnership between boat builder Milan Sterk, designer Carlos Vidal and naval architect Sasha Vald.

STERK brand boats are designed with meticulous attention to the smallest detail to satisfy demanding sailors looking for performance, luxury and comfort.

From a production site in Germany, the hulls of STERK boats are built to glide smoothly over the water to the rhythm of the waves, giving you the ultimate sailing experience. When it comes to the interior of the boats, you benefit from an unparalleled layout with a focus on comfort and design.

STERK pushes the boundaries of sailing to create boats that let you live your passion for nautical escapades to the full!

Model boat STERK 31RC: power and refinement in one boat

The STERK 31RC is the ultimate fusion of raw power and refinement. With its design stamped with the elegance of STERK, this boat offers a sailing experience that's sure to win over thrill-seekers at sea.

The 31RC is equipped with powerful engines that propel it to impressive speeds, while allowing you to enjoy a luxurious interior where you can relax in comfort.

Whether you want to explore the coast or venture further out to sea, the STERK 31RC is your companion on the road (or rather on the water!).

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STERK 31RC boats for sale - CNG Agence du Port Golfe-Juan

STERK 31WB boat model: the balance between sailing pleasure and comfort

The STERK 31WB represents the perfect balance between sailing pleasure and comfort. This Walkaround model offers exceptional versatility to suit all your favourite activities: fishing, family outings or water sports. The living spaces have been designed by the STERK crew to guarantee a high level of comfort and practicality. In particular, you'll find a centre console and practical storage space.

With the STERK 31WB, you'll appreciate the stability of the hull and the quality of the equipment, making this an exceptional boat for unforgettable days at sea.

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STERK 31WB boats for sale - CNG Agence du Port Golfe-Juan

STERK boats: you're the captain!

The boat models offered by STERK are 100% customisable. Because you are in the driver's seat, the STERK brand is willing to let you choose from a variety of options to adapt your boat to your personal preferences and the sailing experience you want. From the finish of the interior to the electronics, every detail is in your hands.

Your STERK boat is unique, reflecting your sailing style and desires!

If you're an adventurer and a fan of thrills at sea, the REAR CABIN version has a sleeping cabin with 2 comfortable berths and a terrace for relaxing. The WET BAR version, meanwhile, is perfect for those who want to spend some quality time with family and friends at sea. It is equipped with a kitchen, a bar and a comfortable lounge. If you have specific needs in terms of layout and equipment, other options are also available: t-top, various bimini configurations, wake-surf-ski tower, etc.

STERK boats for sale by CNG Agence du Port in Golfe-Juan

At CNG Agence du Port, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase a STERK boat. Our team of boating enthusiasts is on hand to guide you through the entire purchasing process, from selecting the STERK model that suits you best, to customising your boat, right through to delivery. Once you're ready to cast off, we'll continue to support you with quality after-sales service to ensure a worry-free boating experience.

The STERK brand is synonymous with quality, performance and luxury. If you're looking for an unforgettable sailing experience that combines speed and comfort, look no further than our range of STERK boats available from CNG Agence du Port in Golfe-Juan. Get ready to embark on a high-flying adventure on the water!

Contact us to find out more about STERK boats and make your dream of owning an exceptional boat come true.

Stay tuned for new STERK models coming soon - don't miss them on our website!

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