Cranchi SETTANTOTTO 78 : a superyacht to discover

Notice to superyacht enthusiasts: step aboard the Cranchi Settantotto 78 and rediscover the pleasures of sailing.

The largest model ever built by the CRANCHI shipyard, the Settantotto 78 has been designed to be a true concentrate of elegance, luxury and comfort. Unveiled at the beginning of 2020 during the Boot in Düsseldorf, this 25-metre yacht caused a sensation as soon as it was presented to the public thanks to its imposing size and style worthy of the most prestigious yachts on the planet.

Designed by designer Christian Grande in close collaboration with the Shipbuilding Research Centre, it has to be said that this large yacht signed by the Italian shipbuilder Cranchi was developed to be a timeless boat. The finishes and details of the Cranchi Settantotto 78 have therefore been given great attention to bring to life a unique high-end superyacht.

Arboring fluid lines without distinct edges, the Settantotto 78 approaches an exceptional design where balance is felt naturally and nothing is forced: a true nautical jewel to be discovered without delay!

Agency historic dealer of the Cranchi brand for the Alpes-Maritimes (06) & Monaco installed in Golfe-Juan, CNG Agence du Port presents the Settantotto 78 yacht.

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Settantotto 78: a timeless, detailed and comfortable yacht

Considered one of the boldest launches of 2020, the new Settantotto 78 from builder Cranchi has not finished making news.

Measuring nearly 25 metres, this Italian superyacht is the result of careful and thoughtful design. To create a distinctive yacht, designer Christian Grande chose to rely on fine and elegant lines. These give the boat a modern and expressive style while maintaining the simplicity of a classic high-end yacht.

In terms of design, details and materials have been carefully selected and nothing has been added in excess to make this new Italian superyacht as elegant and luxurious as possible.

The Settantotto 78's design pragmatism underlines the beauty of this high-end model!

Cranchi Settantotto 78 sailing profile view - CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
Cranchi Settantotto 78 sailing profile view

Cranchi Settantotto 78: a high-performance, elegant superyacht - CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
Cranchi Settantotto 78: a high-performance, elegant superyacht

The colour combination chosen to finalise the design of the Cranchi Settantotto 78 further supports this sober and classy aesthetic: the marked contrast between the colours of the structure and the superstructure enhances the pure shapes and soft curves of the yacht.

For its part, the uninterrupted glazing present on the superstructure brings significant luminosity to the main deck. Enough to fully enjoy her sea outings as soon as the weather is fine!

As you will have understood, visually the Settantotto 78 is attractive in every way. And the Cranchi shipyard goes even further as the builder also offers eleven additional customisation options to allow you to create your own Settantotto 78 model!

Show off your personality and create your own unique wilderness nautical ideal space with the available customization options.

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A spacious and modern layout aboard the Settantotto 78

Where there's a superyacht, there's plenty of space.

On board the Settantotto 78 ft, space is king. With a main deck and flybridge made up of large open spaces where you can relax in complete serenity while sailing, this Cranchi superyacht benefits from the best qualities of high-class yachts.

Swimming, dining, piloting, lounging: enjoy several distinct and complementary comfort zones at once!

On the main deck, in addition to the comfortable helm station, enjoy a large saloon open to the cockpit, a large dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and WC. This comfortable, functional and high quality complete layout caters for the desires of all passengers.

View of the Settantotto 78 deck, comfort seating and sunbathing arrangement - CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
Deck view, comfort seating and sunbathing arrangement

View of a double cabin with bathroom on board the Settantotto 78 ft - luxury layout- CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
View of a double cabin with bathroom - luxury layout

The spirit of luxury infused into this new model continues on the lower deck, which has been designed to be a truly pleasant place to live where access and mobility are prioritised. Indeed, the spacious environment reveals a precise and rigorous attention to the most minute details. Every fabric, every decorative element and every finish has been chosen with great care by the brand Cranchi in order to assert the luxury identity of the Settantotto 78 ft.

As for the layout, the lower deck living spaces arranged in a row offer a special configuration suitable for boarding many passengers.

And for good reason: the Settantotto 78 benefits from a layout that has up to 4 double bed cabins each with a private head, 3 double cabins and one cabin with twin beds.

The owner's cabin located in the centre of the ship has a large dressing room as well as a beauty area with dressing table or a large desk depending on options. The VIP cabin forward and the crew cabin aft also complete the interior layout by also offering convenient laundry access for cruising.

All areas of the yacht have been designed with total soundproofing and insulation systems to make every trip to sea a real pleasure.

In short, the Settantotto 78 is a grand luxury model suitable for the most demanding yachting requirements!

Also enjoy a garage at the stern capable of accommodating a tender and a jet ski with easy launching via the hydraulic platform.

Powerful motorisation for better sensations

While the aesthetics and luxury comfort of this model are remarkable, the performance of the Settantotto 78 is not to be outdone.

With a solid construction, the Italian superyacht Cranchi offers the ability to sail anywhere, whatever the conditions. To take this large, robust yacht measuring almost 25 metres, the builder has therefore opted for an engine to match the overall quality of this luxury boat: the new Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350.

The most powerful engine in the IPS range, the Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350 is capable of producing a powerful drive of up to 1000 HP. An ideal engine for this large yacht, which therefore benefits from a compact, reliable and manoeuvrable solution in all circumstances.

Stability of the Cranchi Settantotto 78 thanks to the Humphrey system- CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
Stability of the Cranchi Settantotto 78 thanks to the Humphrey system

Cockpit of the Settantotto 78 with entertainment and home automation system - CNG Agence du Port - Concessionaire Cranchi Golfe Juan 06
Cockpit of the Settantotto 78 with entertainment and home automation system

Perfectly combined with the streamlined hull design made of light and resistant fibres, the Settantotto 78's engine provides the ideal nautical experience.

Lower fuel consumption, optimal range, excellent top speed, reduced vibration and noise, comfortable sailing: this special engine ideally complements this made-in-Italy superyacht with many other performance advantages.

On board the Settantotto, you also have the sensation of a sea that is always calm thanks to the Humphrey system which ensures optimal stability when sailing and at anchor.

Are you looking for an exceptional yacht that combines performance, luxury and sober design? Discover the Cranchi Settantotto 78 without delay!

Our Golfe Juan nautical agency, historical dealer of the Italian brand Cranchi, presents you this new model and tells you more about the available options as well as the other models of the Cranchi range.

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